• Child custody and visitation are known now as parental responsibilities and parenting time in Illinois.

  • Both parents in Illinois now have an obligation to pay child support. An Illinois child support lawyer can discuss those obligations with you.

  • High net worth divorces often require  complex property divisions and may involve dissipation.

  • Divorce has many parts, from property division and financial issues to matters concerning children. Our divorce lawyer in Illinois can help.

  • Dissolution of a long-term marriage comes with particular financial concerns. An Illinois divorce lawyer can discuss your case with you.

  • Business owners have special concerns in divorces when it comes to valuing assets and dividing marital property.

  • Domestic abuse is prohibited under Illinois law, and victims may be able to obtain orders of protection.

  • Family law is a broad area of law that includes many issues affecting the family. Our experienced attorneys can help with your case.

  • In addition to representation in family law matters, our firm provides a wide array of additional legal services to better serve our client’s needs.

  • In certain cases, modifications of spousal maintenance or child support orders, as well as allocation judgments, may be necessary.

  • If spousal maintenance is appropriate, an Illinois court typically will follow a formula to determine amount and duration.

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