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Family Law

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Family law in Illinois is complicated, and family law issues can be particularly emotional. At the law office of Demetrios N. Dalmares & Associates, Ltd., we know how difficult it can be to go through a divorce, especially when there are children from the marriage, or when there has been violence in the home. Our team is committed to providing personalized legal representation to each of our clients, and handling every case with the compassion it deserves. Our focus is on family law, and legal matters concerning your family are at the heart of our cases.

To learn more about how our firm can assist with your case, you should contact an experienced Illinois family law attorney.

Areas of Family Law We Handle in Illinois

At the law office of Demetrios N. Dalmares & Associates, Ltd., we handle a wide range of family law cases, from divorce, to child custody, to domestic violence. The following are some of the areas of family law in which we regularly assist clients:

  • Divorce;
  • Paternity;
  • Child Custody/Visitation;
  • Child Support;
  • Post Divorce/Paternity Modifications;
  • Spousal Support;
  • Domestic Abuse;
  • Orders of Protection;
  • Complex Property Division;
  • Dissolution of a Long-Term Marriage;
  • Divorce for Business Owners;
  • Prenuptial Agreements;
  • Postnuptial Agreements; and
  • Adoption by Consent

In addition, our firm can also assist you with other legal areas that are impacted by family law issues. For example, when you are getting divorced, the division of marital property can mean that complicated real estate issues arise. Or, if you and your spouse are currently business partners, you may need assistance in dissolving or transferring an LLC or an S Corp. Moreover, filing for divorce likely means that you will need to redraft your will and change beneficiaries. Our team can help at every stage of the process. We have experienced attorneys a on staff which handle cases in the following areas of the law:

  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate;
    • Purchase/Sale of Real Estate
  • Corporate Law;
    • Establishing LLC’s, Sub S Corps, etc.
  • General Business Law;
  • Contract Law;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Criminal Law/D.U.I.’s’;
  • Personal Injury;
  • Probate;
  • Guardianships of Adult or Minor; and
  • Elder Law

Divorce in Illinois

One of the most common reasons to hire a family law attorney, is because of divorce. There are many complex features of every divorce case, from the division of marital property, to matters of spousal maintenance, child support, and the allocation of parental time, rights, and responsibilities (formerly known as custody and visitation). Generally speaking, most areas of divorce in Illinois are governed by the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (750 ILCS 5/501-513.5 and 600-610.5). We can help with all stages of your divorce and any modifications that need to be made.

Financial Issues in Illinois Family Law

Divorce and other family law matters often give rise to complex financial issues, such as spousal maintenance and child support.  Illinois recently enacted changes in the manner in which it it handles both spousal maintenance (also known as spousal support or alimony), and child support. Illinois is one of a growing list of states that now looks at an “income share model” in determining your rights and obligations, and which both parents contribute to the child support obligation. 

When it comes to spousal maintenance, there are now guidelines for determining a maintenance award, and its duration if the parties’ combined gross income is less than $250,000(increased to $500,000 in 2018). This way, spousal maintenance awards are more streamlined and objective. 

Contact an Illinois Family Law Attorney

Do you need assistance with a family law matter? A dedicated Illinois family law attorney can help. Contact the law office of Demetrios N. Dalmares & Associates, Ltd. today for more information about our family law experience and the services we provide to Illinois residents.

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