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Will I Get to Keep My House, My…

When you are going through a divorce, we know how important it can be to have a clear idea about how your property will be…

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What Are the First Signs of Divorce?

Nobody gets married with the intention of getting divorced at some point afterward, yet a large number of marriages do end in divorce. Indeed, according…

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How to Start a Divorce in Illinois

Every divorce in Illinois starts with the filing of certain paperwork in the appropriate court. However, there are many other steps to consider before filing.…

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What Factors are Considered When Determining Child Custody?

For parents of young children, a divorce or separation can be especially challenging. In Illinois, the term “child custody” is now referred to as the…

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Financial Issues to Consider in Divorce

Divorce is often one of the most traumatic and uncertain events in an individual's life. As if the emotions of a relationship changing or ending…

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Can a Child Refuse to Visit a Parent?

Both parents and children have rights when it comes to visitation. But if a child doesn't want to see a parent? Are they able to…

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