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Common Disagreements in Child Custody Disputes

For divorced or separated parents, sorting out matters of custody and visitation can be challenging. Disagreements can arise for many different reasons. Under Illinois law…

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How are Debts Divided in an Illinois Divorce?

Before a divorce can be finalized, a married couple must deal with all of the property and debts. This raises an important question: How are…

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Preparing for Divorce

Whether you are planning to file for divorce in Illinois or you know that your spouse has plans to file, it is extremely important to…

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Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live…

Going through a child custody case in Illinois can be extremely difficult and complicated, especially when the parents cannot reach an agreement about the allocation…

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How to Deal with a Difficult Ex-Spouse

Divorce can often bring out the worst in people, and disputes can arise in divorce cases out of anger and resentment. However, you do not…

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Who is Responsible for College Tuition in Divorce?

The cost of college continues to rise in Illinois and throughout the United States. Business Insider reports that the average annual in-state public university tuition…

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