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Can a Postnuptial Agreement Protect Me From My…

In the United States, 50% of American couples will find themselves in the midst if a divorce. It is important for couples to understand how…

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Am I Able to Take My Children Out…

Traveling can be complicated after a divorce. Disagreements may arise over how and where a child or children spend their holidays, and out-of-state travel frequently…

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Dividing Unusual Assets 

Many couples who decide to dissolve their marriages disagree on what constitutes a fair division of marital assets. This is especially true when the parties…

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Avoid These Social Media Mistakes When Going Through…

Social media use has exploded across the globe in recent years, with the US coming in as the third largest social network user base in…

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If I Get a Divorce, What Happens to…

Going through a divorce can be difficult, especially when there are uncertainties regarding how things like finances, property, and retirement savings will be divided. Often, couples question…

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Can Children Decide Which Parent to Stay With?

If you're going through a divorce, you may have concerns about the well-being of your children. Many parents have questions regarding who their children will…

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