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Child Custody over Summer Vacation

We’ve had a tumultuous spring, but summer is nearly upon us, and with summer vacation come child custody concerns. If you have questions or concerns about child custody and summer vacation, turn to an experienced Orland Park family law attorney.

Your Child Custody Schedule

Illinois has several common child custody schedule templates that address sharing the children consistently throughout the year. Many child custody arrangements, however, involve one parent being the primary custodial parent – with whom the children primarily live – and the other parent having a visitation schedule. Within these arrangements, the parent with the parenting time schedule is usually awarded more time with the children during the months of summer vacation, and optimizing this time is very important to most families. 

Making the Most of Your Summer Vacation Schedule

Summer vacation is upon us, and now is the time to optimize your visitation schedule with your children. While everyone’s situation is unique to their own circumstances, there are some excellent tips for firming up your summer vacation parenting time schedule that apply across the board, including:

  • Plan Ahead – You know when you have vacation time available and when your family’s activities and get-togethers are scheduled, so take the time to plan ahead. When you give your children’s other parent the time necessary to plan accordingly, you’re much more likely to get the days you request for fun in the sun with your kids.
  • Communicate Clearly – As with all other human relationships, clear communication is critical to positive results. It’s difficult to make your preferences known when you are not clear or don’t bother to put those preferences in a clear format that your ex can reference when making his or her own plans. 
  • Put Your Kids’ Needs First – Children crave structure and consistency – especially young children – so always factor your children’s feelings carefully into your plans. Even something as fun as a summer holiday can be jarring if it upsets your children’s status quo. Talk to your kids and their other parent about your plans and try to find a middle ground that works for all of you. 

Negotiating with Your Ex

In the end, you and your ex both want what’s best for your children. Summer is an opportunity to embrace a more relaxed schedule, and if you and your ex put your heads together, you’re likely to find a way to maximize your children’s opportunities this summer without stepping on each other’s toes. 

Discuss Your Summer Schedule Concerns with an Experienced Orland Park Family Law Attorney

Summer vacation has the unique quality of allowing us to embrace a more carefree lifestyle – if only temporarily. If you need help optimizing your visitation schedule with your children this summer,  the dedicated family law attorneys at Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. in Orland Park have extensive experience helping clients like you obtain favorable summer visitation terms that work for them and their children. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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