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Compassionate Child Custody Attorneys Representing Parents in Crestwood, IL

If you are going through a divorce or marital separation in Crestwood, Illinois, you need to be able to protect your parental rights. Even if you and your spouse are splitting on relatively good terms, you should still have a trusted and knowledgeable legal representative on your side.

At Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd., top-rated Crestwood child custody attorneys are committed to providing the best possible family law services to parents in Northern Illinois. If you need child custody advice, please contact a member of our law firm today for immediate legal guidance.

Crafting the Perfect Parenting Plan

While you will still hear the term used in many informal settings, the state of Illinois has phased out the phrase ‘child custody’. As of January 2016, state documents now use the term ‘allocation of parental responsibilities’. You and your former partner will need to create a court-approved parenting plan that clearly outlines each person’s parental rights and their parental obligations, and that settles certain complex logistical issues. You should not draft a parenting plan on your own. This is a complicated legal document. Your parenting plan should be drafted and reviewed by your own Crestwood child custody lawyer. Our legal team helps parents create a fully customized plan that is truly best for their unique situation.

Understanding the Best Interests of the Child Standard

Illinois family law judges are required to make child custody and child visitation decisions by looking to the state’s ‘best interests of the child’ statute. This is a very complex legal standard, and it can be difficult to apply to real world cases. Though, in theory, it is relatively simple: courts must make a child custody decision that is best for the child’s safety and overall wellbeing. As a parent, your needs and desires will be secondary to what is best for your kid.

You need to use this fact to your advantage. To prevail in a child custody dispute, you and your Crestwood family law attorney must work to prepare a strong legal claim. Evidence should be carefully assembled that proves that your desired allocation of parental resources is the one that is best for your children. Your lawyer will be able to help you put together all relevant evidence in a manner that best presents your legal case.

Get Child Custody Help in Crestwood, Illinois

At Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd., our Cook County child custody attorneys have represented many Crestwood, IL parents in family law disputes. If you need custody guidance, please do not delay in reaching out to our law firm today at (708) 403-0200 for your free, no strings attached legal consultation.

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