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For many married couples, divorce will likely be one of the most difficult decisions they will ever make during their lifetime. During a divorce, a couple is likely to go through a multitude of feelings as divorce often impacts many aspects of one’s life. Going through a divorce does not only affect you financially, as leading medical experts have proved that getting divorced can also significantly negatively impact your health. Ultimately the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many relationships, unfortunately, have a statistical chance of failing. 

Even in the most loving relationships, a divorce could be the best option for both parties’ continued happiness. If you have found yourself considering initiating divorce proceedings, divorce attorneys in Frankfort can help you. At the law practice of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd., we aim to assist clients in their divorce cases to ensure they receive the compensation and continued happiness they deserve. 

Do You Need to Determine Grounds for Divorce in Illinois?

It was challenging for married couples to get divorced in Illinois due to many complicated laws and regulations in previous years. Before 2016 couples had to prove grounds for divorce by showing that one spouse was at fault for the marriage’s dissolution. Additionally, a married couple would need to be living apart for a minimum of two years before divorce proceedings could be initiated. 

Post-2016, Illinois became a no-fault divorce state. Now the period for which couples need to be separated before filing for divorce is only six months. As Illinois is now a no-fault state, couples wanting to divorce now only need to prove irreconcilable differences caused their marriage to dissolve with no way for the marriage to be reconciled. The parties wishing the divorce will need to prove that previous attempts at reconciliation failed and that future reconciliation attempts would not be beneficial to either party. 

How Does Property Division Work in Frankfort, Illinois?

Unlike states like California, which conducts divorce proceedings based on a community property concept, Illinois is an equitable distribution state. Essentially, in an equitable distribution state, all Illinois divorcing couples need to divide all marital assets equitably, which means fairly and not necessarily 50/50. It’s important to note that any assets the couple had before getting married might not be divided when the couple divorces. 

How is Parenting Time and Parental Responsibility Determined In Illinois?

When a child or children are involved in a divorce, the case can get complicated, especially when determining custody, which is now referred to as parenting time and parental responsibility in Illinois. A divorcing couple will have a parenting plan from their divorce case, which will address two components:

  • Parenting time Simply put, parenting time orders state where the couple’s child will live and by what schedule. However, it’s important to note that a court can award either sole or joint physical parenting time. 
  • Parental responsibilitiesParental responsibility orders give each parent the legal power to make critical decisions for the child and how they are raised. Such decisions can involve the child’s religion, where the child will go to school, as well as any significant medical decisions. Decision-making authority can be shared or fall with one parent. 

To Discuss Your Divorce Case, get In Touch With Divorce Attorneys in Frankfort Today

A divorce is never an enjoyable time in one’s life, as it often causes untold emotional stress and steep financial pressure. With the help of an adept Frankfort divorce lawyer, you can have peace of mind knowing your case is in qualified hands. Contact the law practice of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. to discuss your divorce’s various aspects. At our law practice, we can help you attain the outcome you need and the closure you deserve. 

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