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The attorneys at Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. work closely with each and every one of our clients to ensure that all areas of their divorce are handled as quickly and effectively as possible. We have years of experience dedicated to litigating, negotiating, and resolving complex divorce issues, and we know that each case is different. 

While a divorce may be short or a drawn-out battle, being prepared is the best way to protect your rights and the things that are important to you during your divorce. That is why you need a Palos Hills divorce attorney on your side to help you navigate the process. Before you decide to file for divorce, there are a few things you can do to prepare:

  • Get Your Documents in Order – Make copies of all your important financial documents and put them in a safe place that your spouse cannot access. You will both need these documents once the case is filed. These papers should include bank statements, insurance policies, tax returns, salaries, retirement and benefits programs, and investment accounts.
  • Establish and Review Your Credit – If you have not started developing your own credit history already, now is the time. Review the credit report of you and your spouse.
  • Bank Account and Mailbox – Open a separate bank account in your name only and not at the bank where your joint account is with your spouse. Also, open a post office box where you can get your personal mail delivered without your spouse having access.
  • Do not Commingle Property – If you inherited property or had property before you got married, that will likely be considered non-marital property. Keep it separate from the marital estate by not adding your spouse’s name to it and do not use it to pay for expenses, debts, or purchases. 
  • Do Not Quit Your Job – If you are employed, do not leave your job. You need to maintain your financial independence and security. You also need to be able to maintain the assets that you do have.
  • Do Not Sign Documents – If your spouse asks you to sign any contracts, mortgages, documents, deeds, etc., do not do this. Signing documents can be damaging to you during your divorce.

Options for Ending Your Marriage

Ending a marriage does not have to mean going through a lengthy trial in Illinois. There are a few other options, especially if both spouses are willing to work together:

  • Mediation – This is a way that couples can work out the various divorce issues and reach an agreement without going to trial. The spouses meet with a neutral mediator to work out the issues of contention, and this can be done with or without the presence of the participating attorneys.
  • Collaborative Divorce – If the couple can reach an agreement on most of the issues, the attorneys involved can work with their clients to reach an agreement on the final divorce settlement. This option requires both parties to agree that the case will not go to trial and that they will cooperate and negotiate in good faith. 
  • Legal Separation – This allows couples to address many of the same issues as divorce, while still remaining married. The spouses will live apart and have divided responsibilities, but will not actually be divorced. However, neither spouse can remarry during a legal separation.

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If you think divorce may be the right option for you, contact the attorneys at Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. today to schedule a consultation. 

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