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Sometimes, divorce happens organically, with the agreement and understanding of both spouses, but sometimes, it comes as a shock. When you have been served with divorce papers, it is crucial that you get an experienced divorce lawyer in your corner because trying to navigate the process alone is difficult at the best of times, let alone in a moment in which you already have so much to manage. 

A Divorce Lawyer in Orland Park Can Help Carry the Load

A divorce requires so much more from a person than a simple separation, especially if there are children involved, and this is especially true if someone has been served with papers rather than being a part of the process. Issues like simple and complex asset division, parental responsibility, spousal support, and child support are all on the table, and every case is different. It can be exhausting to try and navigate all these negotiations while still trying to keep up your everyday obligations and spend time with your children, and it is easy to feel lost. 

The advice of an Orland Park divorce lawyer can make a huge difference in helping to make the process more manageable, especially since an attorney’s experience and knowledge can help illuminate tips and tricks to cut down on hassle and hostility. A good divorce lawyer is able to read a particular case, so to speak, and know which approach is better to take with you. Negotiation and diplomacy may not work with a spouse who only knows how to demand, but a firm approach is not the best choice in many other situations. 

Find a Divorce Lawyer in Orland Park You Can Count on

In addition to being able to handle the more common issues that crop up during divorce proceedings, our firm prides itself on being a place where our clients can feel that all their needs are managed. Depending on the complexity of the divorce case, other legal questions and concerns may appear that are related to your separation, and with the right divorce lawyer in Orland Park, you can ensure those issues will be handled with the same professionalism as your divorce. Examples include: 

  • Real estate issues like transferring or modifying titles; 
  • Criminal matters such as seeking a protective order, especially if your divorce involves potential domestic abuse issues;
  • Estate planning concerns, especially since Illinois law treats bequests to former spouses as though they have predeceased the testator;
  • Commercial business procedures, especially if you and your spouse own a business together or your business or practice is classified as marital property; and
  • Any other issue that is related to your divorce where you might require legal help.

Our firm wants to ensure our clients feel taken care of and works hard to ensure that is the case. A divorce lawyer in Orland Park should be able to help you manage the load during what is one of the most stressful moments in life. 

Call A Divorce Lawyer in Orland Park Today

The firm of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. is ready and willing to assist you with your divorce case. We try to provide support and guidance during what is often a confusing and frightening period in life. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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