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Divorce is a hugely traumatic event for most people, both because of the breakup of a relationship and also because of the huge and immediate upheaval in everything from the children to housing and finances. If you are in need of a divorce, you need to seek out an experienced divorce lawyer in Palos Hills, so that you can be sure your rights will be well protected during proceedings.

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If you are not going through an uncontested divorce, (where you and your spouse agree on everything), the process can be exceedingly complex because details matter. Exact amounts, exact dates, and the like are all important for different reasons, and it can feel like information overload, especially if you try to navigate the process on your own. Within the confines of a standard divorce hearing or process, so many issues must be dealt with, including:

  • Asset division of all marital property and debts, which can be especially complex in a high net worth divorce;
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody, both legal and physical) and parenting time (visitation);
  • Spousal support, and whether or not it should be granted;
  • Issues of parental unfitness will crop up in some cases, which must be dealt with before a final parental responsibility adjudication can be made;
  • Potential criminal issues and/or personal injury matters, such as addiction problems, harassment or vandalism; and
  • Many others, depending on the specific nature of your divorce.

You need an attorney who understands that all this is, at least in theory, going on at once, and you only have the ability to manage so much. An experienced divorce lawyer in Palos Hills can help take on some of the load.

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Because divorce proceedings can be so complex and drawn-out, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with as much of the law as possible, but know that it is not enough to manage such a case on your own. It is not at all uncommon for divorcing couples to try and manage their contested divorce on their own. While trying to save money, issues get complicated, when in reality, it is much more ‘complicated’ to try to manage things without experienced legal help.

An attorney who has seen and experienced a wide variety of divorce cases, can also be helpful in determining when you should compromise on a particular issue(s) or hold your position and fight for what is right. There are times when compromising on certain issues may be beneficial, but there are some times when it is not acceptable. Having legal counsel to help you through your divorce can be critical in determining when you need to speak up, and when it may be best to remain silent.

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Given how contentious divorce can get, you need an experienced attorney on your side to help you reach agreement on the issues that can bog you down. The dedicated Palos Hills divorce lawyers at the firm of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. are happy to try and guide you through the dissolution of your marriage, so that you and your family can try to move on toward a new beginning. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation. 

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