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When a divorce is looming, it can be a hammer blow to your sense of consistency and routine. You need a dedicated and experienced divorce attorney to help manage your affairs during this difficult period, but some divorce lawyers in Palos Heights can treat clients like numbers. With all of the issues that need to be settled in the average Illinois divorce, do not settle for an attorney who does not have your best interests at heart. 

Your Divorce Lawyers in Palos Heights Should be Compassionate

On the list of stressful life events, divorce comes in at number two, as it can affect anything and everything in a person’s life. You may have to adjust to seeing your children less often. You may have to move out of the home you have had for years. You may have to adjust to having less money at your disposal, or get a job after years out of the workforce. In the midst of so much change in your life, you need an attorney who can roll with the proverbial punches, and who can help you with whatever legal issues might come your way. 

This is so important because during a divorce, you will have to deal with many different issues, especially if you have children. Allocation of parental responsibility and child support, spousal maintenance and complex property division, to say nothing of the specific details that may become relevant if you are divorcing after a long-term marriage – all of these need to be researched and accords need to be worked out with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. An experienced attorney from our firm can be a huge help with this so that you can focus on managing your personal life transitions. 

Our Divorce Lawyers in Palos Heights Want to Help

In addition to helping you manage the aspects of your divorce, our firm endeavors to be the proverbial one-stop-shop for our divorce clients because even more legal issues can crop up when you least expect them. We are proud to offer other legal services to our divorce clients, to ensure that you do not have to enlist another lawyer into what can quickly become a mess. Examples include:

  • Real estate matters. Leases, land trusts, purchase and sale agreements, and all manner of real estate questions may come up during a divorce, especially if there is property to be divided or sold off. 
  • Issues in criminal law, such as seeking protective orders during divorces that may involve domestic violence. 
  • Guardianship issues, such as for a disabled family member or for a child. Divorce may lead to a change in the legal status of a family member, and our firm can assist with clarifying these issues.
  • Estate planning, especially since Illinois law immediately invalidates bequests to any former spouse once your divorce decree is final. Your will and other estate planning instruments may need to be redrafted. 

Life does not stand still just because a person is getting a divorce, and if you experience any of these issues, you should not have to manage them on your own. 

Contact Our Divorce Lawyers in Palos Heights

A divorce attorney should be your greatest asset, and if you are in the process of getting one, our divorce lawyers in Palos Heights are happy to try and assist you. The firm of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. has handled divorce cases for many years, and we are ready to put our experiences and knowledge to work on yours. Call our offices today for a free initial consultation. 

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