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Family law is unique in that it covers a broad range of topics, alongside some of the most personal relationships. Not only are the laws on divorce, adoption, paternity, and minor children complex, but there is also the emotional factor. When stress, depression, or anger take hold, simple matters become more complex and minor disputes become an all-out battleground.

You have a lot invested in your family, so it is critical to have the guidance of a skilled family law attorney. Our lawyers at Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. provide the right balance of experience, knowledge, and compassion to give you peace of mind with these types of cases. Family law has been our firm’s primary focus since our start in 1992, and we proudly serve clients in Cook, Will, DuPage, and Kankakee Counties today.

Illinois Family Law is Our Priority

You can count on our lawyers to deliver customized services in connection with such family law matters as:

  • Divorce: The two key issues that parties face in a divorce are asset division and spousal support. The Illinois’ divorce statute requires a fair distribution of property acquired during the marriage, and courts look to various factors in dividing property. When alimony (now known as maintenance) is appropriate on a temporary or permanent basis, the law includes formulas to calculate spousal support.
  • Custody and Support of Minor Children: Illinois law follows the child’s best interests standard on Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, which covers decision making on significant issues. A judge will also enter an award on parenting time to ensure the child benefits from maintaining a relationship with each parent.

In connection with a divorce or paternity proceedings, a court will order child support where necessary to meet the child’s financial needs. State law includes provisions for enforcing a child support order, and there are serious consequences for noncompliance.

  • Domestic Violence and Protective Orders: Illinois is tough on domestic abuse, so there are multiple options for obtaining protective orders on an emergency, temporary, and long-term basis. These procedural rules to get an Order for Protection are very detailed, and any mistakes can put you at risk if you are a victim. If you are unjustly accused of domestic violence, it is equally important to retain an attorney to defend your interests.

Other Services Under Our Family Law Umbrella

We can also offer assistance in family law matters related to:

  • Adoption;
  • Negotiating, Drafting, and Enforcing Prenuptial Agreements;
  • Grandparents’ Custody;
  • Paternity; and,
  • Men’s and Women’s Rights.

Contact a Crestwood, IL Lawyer for More Information on Family Law Topics

At Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd., our primary focus is delivering quality, professional family law services. Our extensive experience and knowledge in these cases makes us ideally positioned to meet the unique, personal needs of our clients. If you have questions or would like to set up a free consultation to discuss your situation, please contact our Orland Park, IL office at 708.403.0200. You can also check us out online to learn more about our services.

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