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When parents divorce, it can mean that the process is more drawn-out and complex because the best interests of the children involved have to come first. Child custody, referred to in Illinois as allocation of parental responsibility, is one of the highest-stakes issues that is dealt with during an Illinois divorce. To ensure that both you and your children benefit from a fair arrangement, having a Frankfort child custody lawyer on your side is critical. 

A Frankfort Child Custody Lawyer Puts Your Kids First

Illinois, like most other states, makes it a matter of state public policy (that is, it is the aim of all state agencies) to act in the best interest of the child or children involved in any type of case, particularly when custody matters are at issue. While obviously, most parents want the best for their children, sometimes that makes them do things that may, in reality, be harmful. Because of this, you need an attorney who understands not only the general sense of a child’s “best interests,” but someone who also understands the legal specifics. Illinois law has a whole list of factors that a court will consider in deciding issues of legal custody (decision-making) and physical custody (parenting time). 

Some of those factors include:

  • The wishes of the child (assuming they are old enough to make their own independent decisions);
  • The current and future financial picture for both parents;
  • The mental health of all the people involved;
  • Any history of family violence or abuse;
  • The level to which both parents have been involved in their child’s upbringing (or not); and
  • Any other factor that the court deems to be relevant. 

An experienced Frankfort child custody lawyer is aware of these factors and will be able to use them to argue for the best possible situation for your family. 

Our Frankfort Child Custody Lawyers are Sensitive to Complex Needs

Child custody cases can be relatively simple, or they can be extraordinarily complex, and you need an attorney on your side who will be able to roll with the proverbial punches, no matter what life may throw at you. This includes issues that may not necessarily fall within the normal purview of a divorce attorney, including domestic abuse and other criminal matters, addiction issues or anything related to parental unfitness, and LGBTQ issues – sadly, many non-heterosexual or transgender parents encounter issues when trying to seek parenting time, and our Frankfort child custody lawyers will stand up for your rights. 

When these subsidiary issues are handled by an experienced attorney, this means that you and your co-parent can focus on helping your children navigate the actual divorce process. Moving to a new home, adjusting to living with one parent, and the like can cause psychological issues, especially in younger children, and only parents can reassure their children that they are still loved and that the changes in their lives are manageable. Our firm wants to make sure that your family is in good hands. 

Call Our Frankfort Child Custody Lawyers Today

Any good parent wants the best for their children, and our firm of dedicated child custody attorneys will work hard to ensure that your family has the best chance to make it through the divorce process with an eye towards the future, instead of getting bogged down in the past. Call the firm of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. today for a free initial consultation. 


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