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When you are looking for a divorce attorney, you may think that a firm that advertises themselves as a “FAMILY LAW FIRM” will not be narrow enough in its scope to be able to appropriately represent your needs. In reality, a family law firm is made up of professionals who understand that divorce is many different issues rolled into one proceeding, and that varied knowledge is critical to be able to handle each of those questions as they come. A Homer Glen family law attorney from our firm will work hard to help your family with all of the potential headaches that pop up during a divorce.

A Homer Glen Family Law Attorney can Guide You

The average person who decides to handle a divorce without the help of an attorney will invariably make a mistake or overlook an issue that can lead to anything from increased spousal support payments to a lack of parenting time with your children. Having a dedicated family law attorney on your side from the beginning means that there is someone else to handle the details and paperwork, while you focus on adapting (and helping your family adopt) to what can be a significant life change. 

Because the nuts and bolts of divorce are not our firm’s only focus, we can ensure that every issue during proceedings gets the attention it deserves. Examples of questions that need to be answered during a divorce proceeding include, among others:

  • Allocation of parental responsibility and parenting time (what was once called legal and physical custody of a child or children); 
  • Determination of child support amounts;
  • Asset and debt division;
  • Spousal support – whether it should be awarded and if so, how much; 
  • Any criminal or personal matters such as domestic abuse or addiction problems, which can both affect parental responsibility determinations;
  • Clarification of property status – in other words, defining what is marital property and what is the property of each spouse; and
  • Business valuation or division, if you or your spouse have a business or family practice.

You Need a Homer Glen Family Law Attorney Ready for Anything

While many divorces are relatively amicable, they are almost never easy, and because of this, you need to ensure that you have an attorney who is ready to adjust should the picture change. If hidden assets suddenly come to light, or if your spouse suddenly gets a job in another state, it will require a readjustment on your part and the part of your attorney. There are so many potential changes that can occur during a divorce, many of them financial, but you are still entitled to a fair outcome, no matter what. 

Your Homer Glen family law attorney should be able to answer your questions on the issues, from big to small, but they should also be able to understand that this is one of the most stressful events that a person can experience. Divorces, even amicable divorces, change almost every aspect of a person’s life, and being able to make adjustments in stride can be a source of strength for a lot of divorcing people, especially if they have young children to protect and guide. Your attorney should be someone who helps take as much pressure off of your shoulders as possible, rather than adding more stress and concerns to your list. 

Call a Homer Glen Family Law Attorney for Help Today

Our Homer Glen family law attorneys at the firm of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. understand that divorce is a time when you need someone to lean on. We have handled divorce cases for many years, and we are happy to try and put our experience to work for you. Contact our offices today for a free initial consultation. 

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