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On the scale of stressful life events, divorce is ranked second in terms of the level of upheaval and trauma (both physical and emotional) that one can experience. This is true even if your split will be largely amicable; so much is changing in your life that it can feel disorienting and even scary. In spite of all this, people often attempt to get through a divorce without legal help; generally, the result is that their spouse comes away with a better deal in terms of marital assets and parenting time. Seeking out the help of a Mokena divorce lawyer can make an enormous difference for you.

Mokena Divorce Lawyers Who Help With All the Issues

Divorce lawyers need to be prepared to assist their clients with ALL of the many different issues that can arise from a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The dissolution of a marriage is, in reality, the concurrent happenings of about five different processes:

  • Asset division, where both the assets and debts that a couple has acquired during their marriage are divided equitably (not equally) between the spouses – Illinois follows a property division principle called equitable distribution, as opposed to community property states where everything is divided 50-50, so the process can be complex;
  • Determining parental responsibility, formerly called child custody, where the court will decide what may be in the best interests of the child and act accordingly;
  • Determining child support obligations, in which the court weighs a list of several different factors before establishing support obligations;
  • Deciding whether spousal support is warranted and establishing those obligations; and
  • Working out any other problems that might impede a peaceful and efficient separation of the spouses.

People hear that in Illinois, all divorces are “no-fault,” meaning the only ground for divorce that is necessary is “irreconcilable differences,” and think that the process will be quick and easy. In reality, all these issues have to be settled in a way that is fair to both spouses and to the children, and that can take a long time and require experienced legal help. 

Your Divorce Attorney Should Stand Up for You

In addition to guiding you through the process of divorce itself, sometimes a good attorney can be invaluable in unique situations, especially high-conflict situations. Some spouses may not take a wish to divorce very well, and things can escalate quickly. An experienced divorce attorney can help you with issues of this nature, including mental health concerns or any criminal behavior like stalking or other forms of harassment (which often qualify as domestic violence). You have the right to be protected from harm, and a good lawyer will work hard to ensure that.

 Even if your situation is not physically precarious, it can become difficult in other ways, and having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can help avoid some of those issues. For example, some spouses may attempt to hide assets from their soon-to-be ex before the divorce gets going; a good lawyer will be able to spot signs of such underhanded behavior and save you significant time and trouble you would otherwise have to expend.

Contact a Mokena Divorce Attorney

If you are considering filing for divorce, you should know that it is not a process that most people can handle alone. Having an experienced attorney on your side to help answer questions and guide you through to the end of the line is invaluable.  The dedicated Mokena divorce lawyers at the firm of Dalmares Law are ready, willing, and able to try and assist you. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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