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Child custody cases are deeply complex and fraught with intense emotions. Nothing should come before you and your children. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for child custody disputes. You need to work with a professional who can get you the best possible results. In some cases, parents can use mediation to iron out relatively narrow disagreements. In other cases, aggressive action is necessary to protect the child’s safety.

At Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd., our Orland Hills child custody lawyers have extensive experience handling a wide range of custody and visitation cases. To get the top-quality family law service that you deserve, please contact our law firm for a free consultation.

You Need a Viable Parenting Plan

In 2016, the state of Illinois stopped using the term ‘child custody’. Going forward, the state will use the phrase the allocation of parental responsibilities. While the terminology has changed, the underlying issues are largely similar. Though, Illinois now requires separated parents to create parenting plans, a parenting plan is simply a valid document that clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of each party to the agreement.

Ideally, you and your former partner will be able to collaboratively create a parenting plan that is best for all parties. Our Orland Hills legal team will represent you during these negotiations. While we value cooperation, we also understand that there are situations that require a firm hand. We are always ready to fight aggressively for your parental rights when the time comes. Our lawyers will never let your rights take a backseat.

The Best Interests of the Child Standard

The state of Illinois uses the ‘best interests of the child’ standard to resolve child custody cases. To get the best possible result in your custody case, you need to be ready to prove that you can provide the best possible environment for your child. Our Orland Hills child custody lawyers can help you present a strong legal case. We understand the factors that Illinois family law courts will consider when making child custody and child visitation decisions, such as:

  • The mental and physical health of all parents;
  • The past relationship each parent has with the child;
  • Demonstrated parenting ability;
  • Any history of abuse or misconduct;
  • The financial resources of each parent;
  • The ability of the parents to provide stability;
  • The ability of the parents to cooperate with each other; and
  • For older children, their personal preferred custody arrangement.

Get Help With Your Child Custody Case

At Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd., our compassionate Orland Hills child custody lawyers have the skills and experience needed to protect your parental rights. If you need child custody help in Orland Hills, please call our law firm today at (708) 403-0200 to request your free, fully private initial consultation.

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