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Dalmares & Associates is a top-notch family law lawyer with offices in Orland Hills, Illinois. With several years of experience, the firm has built a reputation for excellence and dedication to its clients. We provide legal assistance in all aspects of divorce proceedings, including child custody arrangements, property division, and alimony issues. The firm also offers help with prenuptial agreements for those who are looking to protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances during the marriage. 

If you need help with your family matters, contact our Orland Hills family law lawyer today.

Helping With Parenting Matters

It can be difficult to know how parents should share parental responsibilities and parenting time of their child, as each case is different. To make things easier on your family, our attorneys can review your situation and advise you of your options for resolving parenting issues. We work to help clients reach agreements out of court whenever possible, which can help with healthy co-parenting moving forward.

Your Legal Partner During a Stressful Divorce Process

Our team has successfully helped many clients through the divorce process in Illinois. We are skilled in handling divorces with many different circumstances, from straightforward uncontested divorces to highly contentious divorce litigation. We can address complex issues that might arise, including domestic violence, parenting battles, spousal support, and more. We work to make sure your divorce outcome is in your best interests and in accordance with Illinois law. 

Experience in Navigating Paternity Issues

Paternity cases can play a major role in determining parental responsibilities, custody, child support, and more. If the child’s father is not named on the birth certificate, that person will need to legally establish paternity in order for them to have a legal relationship with their child.

Dalmares & Associates can help you through this process by drafting and filing all of the necessary paperwork so your paternity case goes smoothly. This process can include submitting DNA evidence collected from both parties as well as any other court documents required by law – contact us today about our experience in navigating paternity issues.

Property and Asset Division

When dividing assets in a divorce, you must do so equitably, and it’s important to consider many factors such as the length of the marriage and each spouse’s income. We are experienced in all property division matters and can guide you through this process with personalized representation, whether you own a business, have high assets, or other complex property matters. 

Addressing Spousal Support Issues

Some Illinois divorce cases involve alimony, which can be a contentious and costly issue. Our legal team is familiar with all types of alimony arrangements in Illinois, and we can assist you whether you are requesting or might have to pay alimony. 

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