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If you have decided to end your marriage, you have two divorce options in Illinois. The first is an uncontested divorce, which means that both parties agree on all divorce-related issues. The second is a contested divorce, which means that you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on all outstanding issues, like alimony, property division, child custody, etc. Even if you think you have an uncontested divorce, it is still in your best interest to have a Palos Heights divorce attorney review the settlement agreement. In some cases, the agreement may be one-sided, or a spouse is hiding assets.

At Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd., we have years of experience assisting Illinois clients just like you. We can protect your rights and help you get a fair and equitable settlement in your Palos Heights divorce.

Uncontested Divorce

With an uncontested divorce, the process will be much quicker than a contested one. It can still take around six months to resolve, but that is typically a quick resolution. The family court judge will always review your property settlement agreement and approve or deny the terms. Before you can proceed with finalizing an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must agree on every issue. These issues include:

  • Child custody, known as parenting time and responsibility in Illinois;
  • Child support;
  • Property division (including liabilities and debts); and
  • Alimony.

Another option for securing an uncontested divorce is when you file for divorce, and your ex fails to respond to the complaint. Failure to file a response within the required time means the judge can proceed with a default judgment. Decisions will then be based on whatever evidence you submit as the petitioner.

Contested Divorce

Contested divorces can drag on for months or even years in some cases. All it takes is one disagreement on property division, and your seemingly simple uncontested divorce is now a contested one. This is why working with an experienced divorce attorney is so essential.

When you disagree about more than one issue, your attorney can help streamline the process and reach an agreement sooner rather than later. Despite what some people say, attorneys do not want to let a divorce drag on for years. We understand that the sooner you can resolve your issues, the sooner you can both start moving on with your lives. This is especially important if you have children as a heated divorce and custody battle will take a toll on the entire family.

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