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While many people associate family law only with divorce, the reality is that this area of the law actually encompasses a much wider range of legal matters, including domestic violence, child custody modifications, and spousal maintenance issues. To learn more about Illinois family law or for help with your own divorce, modification, or domestic violence-related questions, please contact our team of experienced Palos Hills family law attorneys today. 

Modifying Preexisting Court Orders

Family court orders are put in place to reflect a family’s specific circumstances. Courts do, however, recognize that circumstances change over time, in which case it may become necessary to modify an existing court order at a later date. Obtaining a modification of a legal order does tend to be complicated, as Illinois has strict guidelines for changing family court decrees. A court, for instance, will only agree to modify a child support award if the person seeking the change can prove that he or she has undergone a substantial change in circumstances. Even this is not necessary in cases involving the modification of a parenting plan if the modification is in the child’s best interests and:

    • The modification reflects the family’s actual life arrangement and the way the child has been cared for without parental objection, for the last six months;
    • The change is minor;
    • The modification is necessary to change an agreed parenting plan that the court would not have approved had it been aware of specific circumstances; or
    • The parties agree to the modification. 

For help modifying your own parenting plan, spousal maintenance award, or property division agreement, please contact our legal team today.

Domestic Violence

Some domestic violence matters also fall under the purview of the family law courts, not only when they arise during divorce proceedings, but whenever accusations of family violence are made. If an Order of Protection is requested by an individual who is alleging domestic violence, a judge has the power to take a number of steps, including:

    • Prohibiting the accused from entering a shared residence;
    • Barring the accused from visiting the petitioner’s place of work or residence;
    • Limiting the accused’s parental rights;
    • Requiring the accused to relinquish all firearms to law enforcement;
    • Prohibiting the accused from relocating with a child out of state; and
    • Requiring the accused to attend counseling. 

Please call us today to learn more about your own rights under Illinois law, including how to file and enforce an Order of Protection.

Divorce in Illinois

In Illinois, couples can obtain a divorce as long as one of them has lived in the state for the preceding 90 days and the parties can demonstrate that irreconcilable differences have led to the breakdown of their marriage. However, even once these hurdles have been overcome, divorcing parties must still grapple with a host of related legal issues, including how marital assets and debts will be divided and who will pay spousal maintenance awards, making it especially important for divorcing couples to speak with an attorney before initiating the legal process.

Legal Help From Experienced Palos Hills Family Law Attorneys

If you need help with a family law matter, do not hesitate to contact one of the dedicated attorneys at Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd..

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