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Divorce is never seen as an easy endeavor, even when spouses have decided that it is the best course of action for them. Because there are so many details and potential issues that can appear during the process of getting divorced, it can seem almost insurmountable if you try to navigate the process alone. However, enlisting a Plainfield divorce lawyer can help smooth out the process and give you someone with experience that you can lean on, as well as some peace of mind. 

Plainfield Divorce Lawyers on a Mission

Because divorce is historically one of the most difficult and transformative events that a person can experience, you need a divorce lawyer who understands that your entire life is undergoing fundamental change and can work with your rapidly changing needs. Divorce lawyers are not merely there for the proceedings themselves; an experienced attorney understands that countless other issues must be resolved before the proceedings actually get underway if your aim is to avoid arguments and delay. From child custody issues to dividing a family business, divorce encompasses almost every aspect of life, and you need an attorney who can handle them all, up to and including:

  • Allocation of parental responsibility 
  • Child support
  • Parenting time
  • Asset division
  • Spousal support
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • High net worth divorces

 If you have an experienced Plainfield divorce attorney on your side who is capable of managing all these issues, you can focus more on your family and relationships, especially if you have young children, for whom divorce can be even harder. 

A Plainfield Divorce Lawyer Who Will be There

Sometimes, quality divorce attorneys prove themselves not in the day-to-day management of details, but by being there in moments when you need them the most. If you are unfortunate enough to be dealing with any kind of criminal matters, such as domestic abuse or addiction-related problems, our office also handles other general matters on behalf of our clients. In addition to criminal issues, we can handle tangential legal matters for you that can help the overall separation and divorce process move more quickly and easily. 

Examples of what our office can do for you include business valuation (so as to make it easier to divide a family business or professional practice), guardianship (of children or stepchildren, or of a disabled family member, should it be necessary), and estate planning, given that Illinois law immediately revokes any bequest given to a previous spouse – that is, the will is treated as though the ex-spouse predeceased the executor. Our firm does its best to serve as the proverbial one-stop-shop for our clients so that you can focus on the important matters instead of getting bogged down in paperwork. 

Call Our Plainfield Divorce Lawyers Today

While few divorces are ever truly no-frills or no-fuss, it is possible to work together to make things as simple and efficient as possible. Having the experienced and knowledgeable Plainfield divorce lawyers at Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. on your side can help ease you through the process so that both you and your ex-spouse can move on with life. Please do not hesitate to call our offices today for a free initial consultation. 


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