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Some people go through life never needing a family lawyer, but should you be in need of one, it is important that you find a Plainfield family law attorney who is well versed in the specific issues that you might require. Our firm prides itself on being able to cater to everything our clients might require, so you can spend less time negotiating and dealing with paperwork and more time preserving normalcy during the divorce itself. 

Find Plainfield Family Law Attorneys Who are Ready for Anything

Family law deals with issues that are invariably emotional and complex, which can lead to getting bogged down in painful details. Experienced Plainfield family law attorneys are aware of just how contentious these matters can be, and we have tips and tricks to help keep participants in family lawsuits on track toward achieving what really matters. While it can feel satisfying to ‘get one over’ on a soon-to-be ex-spouse or to try and get a better deal on child support, it is never a good idea to burn bridges, and a quality attorney knows that. 

A knowledgeable family lawyer must be well versed in all the legal procedures that a client might need. Some examples of the types of cases that a family lawyer might handle include:

  • Adoption, working with either a public or private entity;
  • Divorce, including parental responsibility, child support, and all the other questions that go along with it; 
  • Modifications of divorce decrees for spousal or child support, or for reallocating parental responsibility; 
  • Paternity cases; 
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements; and
  • Any other issue that might come up in this arena. 

Find Plainfield Family Law Attorneys Who Manage All of Your Divorce Needs

Divorce, in particular, can breed new legal proceedings even while it is still going on, depending on the nature of your case. If this does happen, you need Plainfield family law attorneys who are ready to handle these matters as efficiently as possible, so that you have time to focus on your divorce and its effect on your family. Even if the additions to your divorce may not specifically fall under family law, our firm is ready to manage these issues. 

Some of the additional services that our firm provides include:

  • Managing estate planning issues, such as re-drafting wills (Illinois law disinherits a divorced spouse, treating them as though they predeceased the testator); 
  • Private and commercial real estate matters, such as title transfers, equity division, tax-deferred exchanges, and the like; 
  • Criminal matters, such as orders of protection and other domestic violence issues;
  • Guardianships for minor children, whether temporary or permanent; 

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If you and your loved ones find yourselves in need of a family law attorney, you need a knowledgeable Plainfield family law attorney who can handle anything you might require. The firm of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. has years of experience in these matters, and we are happy to try and put that to work for you. Contact our offices today for a free consultation. 

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