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Divorce can upend every aspect of a person’s life in a moment, especially if you are the non-suspecting party being served, and not the person initiating the process. The temptation to avoid matters by not responding is strong, but if you have been served with divorce papers, you need to seek out an experienced Tinley Park divorce attorney as soon as possible, so that you have knowledgeable legal help to guide you through the process. Otherwise,, you may wind up at a disadvantage when debating issues like asset division and parental responsibility.

 Tinley Park Divorce Attorneys Who Fight

In a divorce case, even an amicable one, you need an attorney who is not afraid to advocate for your rights. While compromise is obviously a good idea in many situations, there are times when you need someone to make sure that your rights are not being ignored or discounted, and a good divorce lawyer is one who will always be on the lookout for that kind of treatment, in particular if your divorce is less than civil. The issues in a divorce are high-stakes; asset division, spousal maintenance, parental responsibility, child support, and many other financial and emotional questions have to be worked out with a minimum of squabbling and delays.

In some divorces, there may even be the threat of physical or emotional violence, as many spouses do not take things well when they are surprised by their partner wanting a divorce, choosing then to engage in behavior like stalking, vandalism, or verbal harassment. If this happens, you need an attorney on your side who understands Illinois’ domestic violence laws, and who is unafraid to petition the court to stand up for your rights, rather than sit back and ‘wait and see.’

Our Tinley Park Divorce Lawyers are Here for You

A good divorce lawyer must be able to wear several “hats”, and offer a listening ear; they will be your counselor, therapist, attorney and financial advisor at times.; given the upheaval inherent in any divorce, it is understandable that sometimes, you may wind up frozen or unsure about how to proceed with something related to the dissolution of your marriage. If that happens to you, our Tinley Park Divorce Lawyers can help you with a variety of issues that might crop up during this life transition. Examples include:

  • Estate planning, such as redoing wills or beneficiary designations, given that Illinois law expressly revokes any bequests made to your spouse once a dissolution of marriage has taken effect;
  • Setting up a new business
  • Real estate and other commercial transactions;
  • Help with business valuation and potential partition of the enterprise;
  • Personal injury matters, given that your spouse may have rights under Illinois law to a portion of any settlement you might receive; and
  • Most other tangential legal issues that might arise during divorce proceedings.

Divorce is rarely one single, streamlined process, and we understand that you may need help with more issues than asset division or parental responsibility assignation. We strive to make sure that we offer top-notch attention, care and quality to our clients.

 Call a Tinley Park Divorce Lawyer for Help

No one can take the trauma out of the divorce process completely, and there will still be unexpected concerns that may appear. However, with the help of a knowledgeable attorney who has been through the process many times, the experience can be smoother, and both you and your ex-spouse will be able to move on in life more quickly than you might otherwise. The Tinley Park divorce lawyers at Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd. are knowledgeable in both the law and the process, and we will work hard to ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. Contact our offices today for a free consultation.

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