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Common Disagreements in Child Custody Disputes

For divorced or separated parents, sorting out matters of custody and visitation can be challenging. Disagreements can arise for many different reasons. Under Illinois law (750 ILCS 602.5), all custody disputes are handled with consideration to the best interests of the child. Our state also strongly favors collaborative problem-solving in custody and visitation cases. In this article, our Illinois child custody lawyer highlights five of the most common disagreements in custody disputes. 

  • Parenting Time and Logistics

By far, the most common reason why separated parents get into child custody disagreements in parenting time and other issues related to logistics. Parents may not see eye-to-eye on exactly when and where a child should be. Disagreements can arise over both day-to-day scheduling and about unique situations, such as holidays or vacations. 

  • Communication Between Parent

Many custody disputes center around issues related to communication between the parents. It could be alleged lack of communication by one of the parents or other similar misunderstandings. Separated parents need a system and process for communicating with each other. 

  • Responsibility for Important Decisions (Medical, Educational, etc)

It is not uncommon for parents to end up locked in disputes over who has the right and/or responsibility to make certain important decisions. Some common examples include medical decision-making, educational decision-making, and religious decision-making. 

  • Parental Misconduct (Abuse/Neglect)

Finally, some custody disputes involve allegations of parental misconduct. There may be allegations of parental abuse, parental neglect, or allegations that a parent generally failed to provide a safe environment for a child. If you believe that your co-parent has engaged in misconduct, our Chicago, IL custody lawyers can help. 

A Well-Crafted Parenting Plan Can Reduce the Risk of a Custody/Visitation Disagreement

In Illinois, parents who get a divorce are required to come to a parenting plan. A well-structured parenting plan can help to dramatically reduce the risk of a disagreement over custody or visitation. An experienced Chicago, IL child custody lawyer can help you negotiate and craft a customized parenting plan. If you co-parent violates their responsibilities under the terms of the parenting plan, a custody lawyer can help you take action to protect your rights.  

Contact Our Illinois Child Custody Attorney for Immediate Help

At the Law Office of Demetrios N. Dalmares & Associates, Ltd, our Illinois child custody attorney has the professional expertise that parents can count on. If you are locked in a difficult child custody dispute, we are here to protect your rights and help you find the best solution. Contact us today to set up your confidential initial consultation. From our Orland Park law office, we provide child custody representation throughout Northern Illinois. 

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