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Five Tips for a Peaceful Divorce

Gwyneth Paltrow’s popular “consciously uncouple” movement has caught on in recent years, with more and more couples looking to divorce amicably. With divorce stabilizing at around 50% in the United States, more couples who are separating or divorcing seek peaceful departures from their union. An amicable divorce, despite popular belief, is possible, and with conscious participation and mutual respect, couples can achieve it. 

Every couple is different, but divorce can be peaceful if both spouses are willing to communicate openly, compromise when needed, and respect the other partner. We have five tips to achieve an amicable divorce and offer encouragement for couples separating to leave hostility at the door. 

  1. Decide and agree upon the divorce process.

When a couple decides to divorce, there are multiple paths they can take. In the past, the most common option was litigation, in which each spouse would hire an attorney and go to court. However, this process could be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. Today, there are alternative dispute resolution options available that can help couples in the divorce process. Mediation is one such option.

 If you are considering divorce, you must know your options to choose the best path for your situation. In mediation, a neutral third party helps the spouses to communicate and reach an agreement on their divorce. Collaborative divorce is another option. In a collaborative divorce, each spouse hires an attorney, but they work together as a team to reach an agreement. This approach often leads to better communication and a more amicable divorce. Talk to an associate at Demetrios N. Dalmares & Associates, Ltd. to discuss your options for joint or individual representation.

  1. Remember what is important.

Couples can easily get lost in the logistics and semantics of divorce. Divorce is a sequence of big and small decisions that can ripple effect from one decision to the next. At the end of the day, a couple can remember what is important to them, whether it includes their mutual respect for one another, the best interest of a child or children, or fairly dividing assets. 

You and your attorney must decide what you can reasonably let go of, divide, or compromise. Will this matter in three, five, or ten years? The answer may surprise you, but you should still ask yourself.

  1. Take care of yourself!

Taking care of yourself during a divorce is not selfish. Getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating a nutrient-rich diet high in unrefined foods can help your mental and physical well-being. Additionally, keeping your friends and family close may help ease anxiety and help put some of the most challenging aspects of divorce into perspective. 

Investing in your well-being during tough times will pay dividends not just for you but also for those around you who benefit from a calmer, more centered version of yourself.

  1. Make thoughtful decisions, especially about children.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed when faced with a significant life decision. However, taking the time to weigh your options before making a choice is essential. Otherwise, you may make a decision you regret later on. One way to avoid this pitfall is to write down the question you are trying to answer. 

Making thoughtful decisions is critical, especially when children are involved in a divorce. A lawyer can go over your options legally; it is up to you to infuse thoughtfulness and hope into a problematic situation.

  1. Contact a qualified lawyer

Most of us are not planning to get divorced, but divorces happen more often than expected. When you decide to file for divorce, you will need to deal with all of the issues directly associated with divorce, such as property division, spousal maintenance, allocation of parental responsibilities, child support, and sometimes modifications. 

Divorce often results in other life changes, as well. You may have to move to a new home, change jobs, or even relocate to a new city or state. You may also have to deal with the emotional fallout from the divorce, which can be significant. It is essential to understand that these additional changes are regular and that you will ultimately be able to adapt and thrive in your new situation. 

Amicable or complicated, facing a legal issue can be daunting, especially if it’s connected to something as complex as divorce. Demetrios N. Dalmares & Associates Ltd. offers comprehensive legal services tailored specifically to your needs. Contact our lawyers today to discuss how we can help represent you during a divorce.

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