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Important Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer

When you have decided to take the divorce route, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Deciding on divorce is often never an easy conclusion to a marriage. However, should you have made up your mind, you will likely be looking for a divorce lawyer that can guide you and help you with the divorce proceeding. 

Hiring a professional Illinois divorce attorney could be your best step towards reaching an agreeable divorce settlement. It’s essential that you have a few important questions ready to ask the lawyer to ensure your divorce case proceedings will progress without confusion. 

Some Important Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Below are some of the most important questions you should ask your divorce lawyer during your first consultation. 

How Long Have You Been A Divorce Attorney?

Often the most important question you will want to ask your lawyer is how long they have been practicing divorce law. An experienced divorce lawyer can be the difference between reaching an amicable divorce settlement or winning your case at trial. Besides asking how long they have been practicing, you will also need to find out how many cases they have handled and how many of them were won if the case went to trial. 

What Information Will You Require From Me?

Asking the divorce lawyer what they need from you will help streamline the entire case proceedings. It can be challenging discussing years of history in a short time frame which is why it’s important to find out what information they need to achieve the best possible outcome. You will likely need to provide the divorce lawyer with various forms of paperwork such as payslips, copies of tax returns, and copies of financial statements.

What Should I Expect From The Divorce Process?

In America, the divorce rate is approximately 15 divorces per 1000 married couples. Often divorces are stressful and emotional situations. Finding out from a divorce attorney what the divorce process will be like will allow you to prepare for the uphill battle that lies ahead. Often the process of every divorce follows a similar set of steps. A divorce will need to be filed, the other spouse will need to be notified, and temporary custody orders will be arranged. Additionally,  relevant information will be gathered, including asset information, and either a divorce trial or settlement will be decided upon. 

How Will We Both Communicate With One Another and How Often Will We Communicate?

How complicated your divorce case is will determine the level of communication that will be required. If the divorce issues are challenging, your lawyer will need to communicate with you more frequently. On average, you will need to talk with your divorce lawyer one to four times monthly. Additionally, you will need to establish the form of communication that you and your lawyer will follow. Discuss the various options available as you might prefer email, telephone calls, in-person meetings, or video conferences. 

Who at The Law Office Will Work on My Case?

Many lawyer offices will have a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, and clerks that will work on a case at once. It’s essential you uncover if a group of lawyers will be working on your divorce case or if a single lawyer will work on your case. If you have hired a particular lawyer because you like their style and stance, you likely won’t want a different lawyer or team of law personnel working on your case. 

Other Important Questions You Should Consider Asking a Divorce Lawyer 

  • Who will make court appearances on behalf of my case?
  • Ask what the lawyer expects the outcome to be
  • Ask how you will be billed?
  • Is the lawyer familiar with local court judges?
  • Will it be better to mediate and negotiate or go to trial?
  • Ask if you will be privy to all important developments
  • Will I receive spousal or child support after the divorce?

Get In Touch With an Illinois Divorce Lawyer Today To Discuss Your Case

At the law practice of Law Office of Demetrios N Dalmares and Associates Ltd., we can help you navigate your divorce case and proceedings. We know just how difficult and emotionally taxing a divorce can be for an individual and families. That’s why at our law practice, we want to help you reach a positive outcome and alleviate the stress, emotional trauma, and financial hardships you could be facing. Get in contact with our Illinois law practice today to discuss your options and how you can quickly and effectively reach a resolution. 

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