Chester G.


This place is 1000% recommendable! So far the process has been super smooth and easy to deal with. They placed all my worries out the window and I’ve slept better knowing they are on my team. Currently in tears knowing I’ll be able to resolve this but sad that it’s never going to be the family I thought I could have had. It’s ok though, it’s time to move forward. Thanks DnD.

Jean C.

Demetrios saw my case to the end. Great outcome! Justice prevailed!

Kay L


I would absolutely recommend Demetrios to anyone! He is all for his clients and most importantly honest. He helped me deal with a very difficult situation and got me what I deserved. I already have referred a few people to him and each one so far is very satisfied and happy with their results.

Kim K-I

Demetrios is honestly the best attorney to help through any divorce situation or custody battle. He will go above and beyond to make sure to guide you through it all. I have referred many people to him, and every person has been more than impressed. I even referred someone that needed immediate attention after hours, and he contacted her right away! I can promise you one thing he knows his stuff, and you won’t be disappointed!


Demetri is extremely knowledgeable and confident In what he does. He is everything I searched for in a lawyer, I thank him for his determination and courage. I don’t see many lawyers leveling up with him in court, wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by my side during such a tough time.


Demetrios is at the top of his profession. The combination of his knowledge and experience along with his experienced and dedicated staff guided me through my legal needs in a timely and compassionate manner. Certainly a monumental task during a pandemic. Thank you, Demetrios.


Super professional legal services law office. Highly strong communication skills and clients representation. Point-oriented legal path and service. More specifically, I had a very good experience upon hiring and dealing with Attorney Demetrios Dalmares as he understood all I wanted and walked me through all details required to achieve the desired goals with minimal losses. Good job Demetrios! Highly recommended. Good luck and will definitely refer if asked. Thank you

Robin D.

Demetrios, I cannot thank you enough for you diligence, patience, knowledge, concern and determination to represent my best interest. From the bottom of my heart, you are amazing and thank you for all you have done for me. Robin

sammar D.

With Demetrios, you don’t have to worry about anything. He knows what he’s doing. I have two lawyers before him. It was a long case and messed up for 2 years. Since Demetrios took my case, he finished it in a couple of months. He is very organized and smart, and he will take you through that very smooth process. Thank you so much Demetrios, I owe you a lot.


Demetrios Dalmares is a very good attorney. He did a great job in assisting me through my divorce. This is the attorney who will get the job done!

Bonnie B.

Demetrios has helped me through a very difficult time in my life. He is not intimidated by increased levels of challenges. He has been able to adapt to my unique circumstances and get over every hurdle with confidence. He’s intelligent, kind and a good listener.
I wholeheartedly recommend Demetrios and his excellent staff to all my family and friends.
I assure you that his commitment to helping others is reassuring, and I hope it sets your mind at ease.

Michael G.

Mr. Dalmares was great to work with. He walked me through the process and kept me updated on any updates that had occurred. Highly recommended!


Thank you, Demetrios, for your tenacity, attentiveness and patience in working with me in finalizing my divorce. God Bless


5-star team, very helpful, very friendly, punctual. Hired for a paternity case and was very pleased with the outcome. Demetrios is great; I highly recommend!

Jennifer S

I recommend Demetrios Dalmares with the highest praise as a divorce attorney. My divorce was settled quickly and without any unnecessary drama. I was updated regularly regarding the progress of my case. He was extremely knowledgeable, diligent and persistent. Demetrios Dalmares was clearly working in my best interest and the best interest of my three children. He is definitely the attorney you want on your side when going through a divorce. I cannot thank or recommend him enough!


I can not say enough good things about these attorneys. I used Demetrios for my divorce, and he truly was a big help through the process and most of all, he listens to you and gets you what you deserve! He made the process very easy and smooth sailing. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff, and was very good at explaining to me about all my options. If you want someone excellent and knowledgeable to represent you, then it’s no questions ask they are the best 🙂


Best legal team for family law.


He handled my mom’s divorce as painlessly as possible for her. Very prepared, quick thinking, and persuasive in the courtroom. One of the good ones in my experience.


Demetrios will fight for you until the desired result is achieved, no matter how long it takes, as long as it is what is best for the child. He is honest and won’t give up on you! I highly recommend this firm


Attorney Demetrios Delmares is a chief. He is an expert, focused, and driven. He delivers outstanding results immediately. My case was very complicated. He solved it immediately.

I sincerely appreciate the hard work and talent that went directly into my case. Thank you so much


“I just used his services and it was phenomenal.”


Professional, to the point & proactive. What else could you ask for from an attorney? He was great.


Thank you so much for doing such a great job! I’ll never forget it.

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